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2017/09/26 | Features

Restrictions on unregistered foreign companies in Taiwan

We are often asked whether a foreign business with…

2017/04/05 | Features

Data protection enforcement decisions by Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission

Taiwan has had data protection laws since the…

2016/04/06 | Features

Amendments to Taiwan data protection law take effect

Amendments to Articles 6-8, 11, 15, 16, 19, 20,…

2015/05/06 | Features

Enforcement of Chinese judgments and arbitral awards in Taiwan: the res judicata problem

Taiwan’s Supreme Court recently affirmed in Shending Law Firm…

2015/05/04 | Updates

Taiwan and the right to be forgotten

A case of first impression involving the right to…

2014/02/18 | Features

Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act: one year on

After nearly two years of delay, Taiwan’s Personal Information…

2013/09/02 | Features

Derivative Shareholder Litigation in Taiwan

Although Taiwan’s Company Act permitted shareholder derivative actions in…

2013/02/18 | Updates

Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act update

Chen Hui-ling recently contributed an update on the…

2012/04/23 | Features

Securities Litigation in Taiwan: The Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center

The Securities Investors and Futures Traders Protection Act

2012/04/19 | Features

Recent Developments in Taiwan Competition Law on Price Fixing

The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission has responded to concerns…