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2019/07/10 | Updates

Further movement on Taiwan STO regulations

We published an earlier article regarding proposed regulations…

2019/05/28 | Updates

Proposed regulations governing Taiwan STOs

At the end of 2018 we wrote an

2019/02/15 | Features

Digital currency regulation in Taiwan

Digital currency has been around since currency account balances…

2018/12/10 | Updates

Crowdfunding: a possible path for ICOs in Taiwan

Initial coin offerings (“ICOs”) have garnered a significant amount…

2018/08/09 | Features

How the Company Act amendments will affect your Taiwan business

On 6 July, 2018, Taiwan’s legislature enacted 148 amendments…

2018/05/30 | Features

Merger control FAQ (part 4 – process insights)

This article is the fourth and final in our…

2018/03/07 | Features

Merger control FAQ (part 3 – procedural issues)

This article is the third in our series on…

2017/07/31 | Features

Merger control FAQ (part 2 – relevant market)

This article is the second installment in our FAQ…

2017/03/29 | Features

Merger control FAQ (part 1 – the basics)

We receive regular inquiries from foreign clients as to…

2016/04/11 | Features

Successor liability in asset purchases in Taiwan

This article briefly explores under what circumstances a Buyer…