Peter Dernbach receives inaugural INTA Service Award for a Better Society

Peter Dernbach, Coordinating Partner of Winkler Partners, recently received the Service Award for a Better Society, in recognition of his and the firm’s efforts to positively impact society and the environment. The award was presented by the International Trademark Association (INTA) at their recently held Leadership Meeting in Austin, Texas. It is the first year that INTA has awarded members for their work to positively impact society and build consumer trust through corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversity and inclusion, or pro bono legal services. Alice Kelly, a partner at Ice Miller LLP in Chicago, Illinois; TOMS Shoes Inc., Los Angeles, California; Natura Cosméticos S.A., São Paulo, Brazil; and FSC Global Development GmbH, Bonn, Germany also received the award.

In their press release, INTA President David Lossignol said, “Mr. Dernbach is a progressive thinker and trendsetter for how professionals can better incorporate CSR into the DNA of their law firm” and that “he and his firm have a clear vision for inclusion, diversity, and sustainability, and have set the standard for law firms and lawyers aspiring to do good in the world. These efforts perfectly align with INTA’s incorporation of CSR into our strategic plan.” INTA drew special attention to our environmental initiatives, including the measuring and reduction of our carbon footprint, waste reduction and our roof garden, including solar panels which provide our office with some of our electricity needs.

INTA Service Award winners and INTA representatives at the Leadership Meeting held in Austin

On accepting the award Peter said, “This is very special for Winkler Partners as a firm, and for me, personally. In recent years, INTA has afforded me several opportunities to share what we are trying to do at Winkler Partners to make a positive impact in our community. This award is a meaningful recognition of our efforts thus far, from a community I care about deeply, and gives us further encouragement to do more going forward.”

Peter has had several opportunities to share the firm’s social and environmental experience at several INTA events, including at the 2019 Annual Meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts, and the 2018 Asia Pacific Meeting held in Sydney, Australia. He also spoke on how law firms can build authentic brands through articulating their vision with employees, at the Leadership Meeting held in Austin as part of their INTA Influencers program.

WP represents a third of the world’s biggest brands for the fourth consecutive year

Interbrand has released its 100 Best Global Brands list for 2019. Winkler Partners represents a third of the brands that made the list for this year, including three of the top five brands.

Technology brands such as Google (2nd), whose value increased 8% year on year, and Amazon (3rd), whose rose 24%, show that increasingly, the brands with the most value are associated with the Internet, information technology and related hardware. The most valuable brand in the world for the 7th consecutive year is Apple, which saw a 9% rise in its brand value over 2018, while LinkedIn (98th), a professional social network now owned by Microsoft, made it into the list for the first time. Two other brands that made their inaugural entry in the list include the ride hailing service Uber (87th), and computer manufacturer Dell Technologies (63rd).

Winkler Partners worked with 31 of these top global brands in 2018-9, a slight increase from 30 in 2018. Brands that we have worked with are active in many fields, including fashion, software, hardware, consumer goods, ecommerce, beverages and media.

The full list of Best Global Brands 2019 can be found here.

INTA representative visits WP

Last week, INTA’s Chief Representative for Asia Pacific, Seth Hays visited Winkler Partners to discuss the association’s plans for strengthening ties with trademark practitioners in Asia.

Among the discussion, Seth shared news of next year’s annual conference, which is being held in Singapore between 25-29 April. He hopes that brands, lawyers and IP professionals from across the region will take advantage of the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 expected attendees including lawyers, brand owners and other trademark professionals.

From left to right: Senior Consultant Jason Yan, IP Associate Betty Chen, Chief Representative Seth Hays, Partner Christine Chen

Seth joined INTA in 2011 and oversaw the opening of the Asia Pacific office in Singapore in 2016. His work involves policy development and advocacy, government affairs, recruiting local brands, and working with members on education and communications.

WP welcomes new associate

Winkler Partners recently welcomed a new member to our legal team.

Renee Hsu joins Winkler Partners in support of our corporate transactional practice, with a focus on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and commercial transactions. She also has experience resolving disputes involving financial derivative products and intellectual property infringement. Renee previously worked in the legal department of a national research institute and is admitted to practice in Taiwan.

WP secures registration of historic motion mark

Winkler Partners is happy to announce that we recently obtained a historic trademark registration on behalf of one of the world’s largest social media companies. Jason Yan, a Senior Consultant at Winkler Partners, successfully registered a motion mark, one of only several in Taiwan, which has the distinction of being Taiwan’s first motion mark to be registered in over ten trademark classes. It is also noteworthy for being the first design-only motion mark to be registered in Taiwan, as it does not incorporate any word or text elements.

Motion marks are a relatively new concept in Taiwan trademark practice, and consist of moving images that would previously have been considered unregistrable in Taiwan and most other jurisdictions. Winkler Partners is proud to offer excellent service in this emerging area of trademark practice. If you or your company are interested in applying for a motion mark, please contact us at

2018 Environmental Report

Since our founding, Winkler Partners has striven to have a positive impact on the environment, as well as an ongoing commitment to the professional development of our staff. In 2006, we established a Green Office Department, to undertake the greening of the office, implement methods to reduce our use of energy, promote the use of environmentally friendly products and services, design rainwater collection and conservation systems, reduce our carbon emissions and advocate for green office initiatives throughout our community by way of open visits to our office and roof garden. As part of that commitment, we will be publishing annual reports on how we are performing. At a glance, in 2018 we managed to:

  • Cut our total emissions by 1.4% over 2017′s total. Our total emissions for 2018 were 43 tons CO2e.
  • Generated 13,892 kilowatt hours of electricity via our solar panels. We saved a total of NT$48,604 (approx. US$1,574) from our energy bills. We were also able to sell 15% of the energy generated back to the grid for use by other customers, which earned us NT$16,011 (approx. US$ 518). Generating our own electricity reduced our carbon footprint by 7.7 tons.
  • Reduce overall electricity usage by 6%. Since 2004 we have reduced electricity usage by 61%. Anyone can make the same reductions by using air-conditioning sparingly, installing energy efficient lighting and setting computers to sleep.
  • Offset 50 tons of air travel emissions through UK-based B Corporation ClimateCare.
  • Reduce single-use cup and lunchbox container waste by 5%. Total waste however increased by 15%, mainly due to an increase in staff numbers.
  • Encourage people to go paperless. We reduced the amount of printing by 11%.

Goals for 2019

Planting trees is the best way we can reduce our negative impact on the environment. Working with Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau, we have committed to adopting an area of approximately 2.37 hectares in Xindian, New Taipei City, which will be reforested with 3,555 trees. The carbon storage potential (42.7 tons) of this reforestation project is roughly equivalent to our current carbon footprint. Below are some photos of WP colleagues planting trees.

We also plan to continue our energy saving initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint by 3%. We will increase monitoring of air-conditioning/heating loss from open windows and doors. Staff training will also be increased in an effort to increase recycling and reduce waste. The full report is available in English here and in Chinese here. For inquiries regarding our energy saving initiatives or B Corporation certification, please contact James Hill at

As part of our mission to contribute to the wider community, the general public is welcome to visit our roof garden to learn about urban farming and our green office program. To arrange a visit, please contact City Shen at +886 (0)2 2311-2345 ext. 346 or

WP ranked as top tier IP firm

Winkler Partners has been ranked as a top tier firm for intellectual property by the World Trademark Review. Only three law firms in Taiwan appear in the top tier for 2019.

In their annual WTR1000 report, The World Trademark Review says that our “successful record in disputes and major clearance and prosecution projects [that] really turns heads” and that we are “plugged into the international IP community in a way that few local firms are”. They also note that we offer an attentive and client-aligned service and are a reference point in Taiwan for top global brands across a broad variety of industries.

Individually, the World Trademark Review also recommends partners Peter Dernbach, Christine Chen and Gary Kuo for enforcement and litigation. Peter is described as a sophisticated international IP thinker who “inspires the team to win after win”, while Christine is noted for her broad litigation-based practice. Gary is noted for his understanding of what makes a strong brand as part of his litigation work. Peter is also recommended for prosecution and strategy.

You can read the full WTR1000 rankings for Taiwan here.

WP welcomes new associates

Winkler Partners recently welcomed new members to our legal team.

Pei-hsu Wu joins Winkler Partners in support of our intellectual property practice, with a focus on dispute resolution. Pei-hsu will also be assisting our domestic and international clients in connection with employment, general corporate and company establishment inquiries. She previously interned at the Taipei District Court assisting the court with intellectual property-related civil matters.

Ta Yen Wu will be working alongside our intellectual property team on enforcement and conflict resolution matters and helping clients with general legal matters in connection with their interests in Taiwan. Before joining Winkler Partners, Ta Yen worked as a Litigation Counselor for the Civil Execution Department and Public Lodgment Office at the Taoyuan District Court.

WP represents a third of the world’s biggest brands for the third consecutive year

Interbrand has released its 100 Best Global Brands list for 2018. Winkler Partners represents a third of the brands that made the list for this year, and half of the top ten.

Technology brands such as Google (2nd), whose value increased 10% year on year, and Amazon (3rd), whose rose 56%, show that increasingly, the brands with the most value are associated with the online world. The most valuable brand in the world for the 6th consecutive year is Apple, which saw a 16% rise in its brand value over 2017, while Spotify (92nd), a streaming music service provider from Sweden, made it into the list for the first time. Four other brands that made their inaugural entry in the list include French fashion house Chanel (23rd), French cognac brand Hennessy (98th), Japanese consumer electronics and gaming company Nintendo (99th) and Japanese automotive manufacturer Subaru (100th).

Winkler Partners currently represents 30 of these top global brands of 2018, a slight decrease from 32 in 2017, 35 in 2016, and an increase from 25 in 2015, and just 18 in 2010. Brands that we have worked with are active in many fields, including fashion, software, hardware, consumer goods, ecommerce, beverages and media.

The full list of Best Global Brands 2018 can be found here.

A year of sun

In August 2017 we installed solar panels on our rooftop in an effort to generate our own clean energy, offsetting the amount of energy we purchase from traditional, polluting sources. A year has passed since our Green Office team and the contractors made estimations on how much energy we could hope to generate, based on average sunshine hours in Taipei, the location of our roof and our continuing efforts at energy reduction in our offices. We predicted that the panels, covering 76 square meters, would generate 13,000 kilowatt hours of energy a year, equivalent to 18% of our total electricity usage.

In the year that’s passed, we actually generated 14,216 kilowatt hours, slightly above our original estimates. As anyone living in Taipei knows, we’ve had a very hot and sunny summer! The following screenshot is from our energy monitoring system, where we can see the amount of energy generated in real time. It goes without saying that the middle of the day is when we generate the most electricity, incidentally, when Taiwan’s energy demand is at its highest. We believe, therefore, that the installation of solar panels can help reduce the strain placed on the energy grid during peak demand and encourage other businesses and rooftop owners to look into the viability of installing their own solar panels.

So how does this generated electricity translate into usage? We calculated that based on a year’s worth of energy bills, the solar panels generated 24% of our total electricity usage during the past year. This was due in part to our energy reduction initiatives in our office (energy efficient lighting, computers set to sleep, air-conditioning used sparingly and set to 26-28C, turning lights off at lunchtime etc.), but also due to the amount of sun shining on the panels. 83% of the energy generated was used by us, with 17% sold back to the grid (energy generated at weekends when we’re not at work). We also calculated that installing the solar panels reduced our carbon footprint by 7867kg.

As you can see, installing solar panels has not only saved us money, but has reduced the amount of electricity we buy that was generated by environmentally unfriendly processes. We have also proved that Taipei is a viable location for solar panels. There are also government subsidies available to offset the installation costs, information of which can be found here.

For more information on our solar panels and other Green Office initiatives, please contact City Shen at