WP ranked as top tier IP firm

Winkler Partners has been ranked as a top tier firm for intellectual property by the World Trademark Review. Only three law firms in Taiwan appear in the top tier for 2019.

In their annual WTR1000 report, The World Trademark Review says that our “successful record in disputes and major clearance and prosecution projects [that] really turns heads” and that we are “plugged into the international IP community in a way that few local firms are”. They also note that we offer an attentive and client-aligned service and are a reference point in Taiwan for top global brands across a broad variety of industries.

Individually, the World Trademark Review also recommends partners Peter Dernbach, Christine Chen and Gary Kuo for enforcement and litigation. Peter is described as a sophisticated international IP thinker who “inspires the team to win after win”, while Christine is noted for her broad litigation-based practice. Gary is noted for his understanding of what makes a strong brand as part of his litigation work. Peter is also recommended for prosecution and strategy.

You can read the full WTR1000 rankings for Taiwan here.

WP welcomes new associates

Winkler Partners recently welcomed new members to our legal team.

Pei-hsu Wu joins Winkler Partners in support of our intellectual property practice, with a focus on dispute resolution. Pei-hsu will also be assisting our domestic and international clients in connection with employment, general corporate and company establishment inquiries. She previously interned at the Taipei District Court assisting the court with intellectual property-related civil matters.

Ta Yen Wu will be working alongside our intellectual property team on enforcement and conflict resolution matters and helping clients with general legal matters in connection with their interests in Taiwan. Before joining Winkler Partners, Ta Yen worked as a Litigation Counselor for the Civil Execution Department and Public Lodgment Office at the Taoyuan District Court.

WP represents a third of the world’s biggest brands for the third consecutive year

Interbrand has released its 100 Best Global Brands list for 2018. Winkler Partners represents a third of the brands that made the list for this year, and half of the top ten.

Technology brands such as Google (2nd), whose value increased 10% year on year, and Amazon (3rd), whose rose 56%, show that increasingly, the brands with the most value are associated with the online world. The most valuable brand in the world for the 6th consecutive year is Apple, which saw a 16% rise in its brand value over 2017, while Spotify (92nd), a streaming music service provider from Sweden, made it into the list for the first time. Four other brands that made their inaugural entry in the list include French fashion house Chanel (23rd), French cognac brand Hennessy (98th), Japanese consumer electronics and gaming company Nintendo (99th) and Japanese automotive manufacturer Subaru (100th).

Winkler Partners currently represents 30 of these top global brands of 2018, a slight decrease from 32 in 2017, 35 in 2016, and an increase from 25 in 2015, and just 18 in 2010. Brands that we have worked with are active in many fields, including fashion, software, hardware, consumer goods, ecommerce, beverages and media.

The full list of Best Global Brands 2018 can be found here.

A year of sun

In August 2017 we installed solar panels on our rooftop in an effort to generate our own clean energy, offsetting the amount of energy we purchase from traditional, polluting sources. A year has passed since our Green Office team and the contractors made estimations on how much energy we could hope to generate, based on average sunshine hours in Taipei, the location of our roof and our continuing efforts at energy reduction in our offices. We predicted that the panels, covering 76 square meters, would generate 13,000 kilowatt hours of energy a year, equivalent to 18% of our total electricity usage.

In the year that’s passed, we actually generated 14,216 kilowatt hours, slightly above our original estimates. As anyone living in Taipei knows, we’ve had a very hot and sunny summer! The following screenshot is from our energy monitoring system, where we can see the amount of energy generated in real time. It goes without saying that the middle of the day is when we generate the most electricity, incidentally, when Taiwan’s energy demand is at its highest. We believe, therefore, that the installation of solar panels can help reduce the strain placed on the energy grid during peak demand and encourage other businesses and rooftop owners to look into the viability of installing their own solar panels.

So how does this generated electricity translate into usage? We calculated that based on a year’s worth of energy bills, the solar panels generated 24% of our total electricity usage during the past year. This was due in part to our energy reduction initiatives in our office (energy efficient lighting, computers set to sleep, air-conditioning used sparingly and set to 26-28C, turning lights off at lunchtime etc.), but also due to the amount of sun shining on the panels. 83% of the energy generated was used by us, with 17% sold back to the grid (energy generated at weekends when we’re not at work). We also calculated that installing the solar panels reduced our carbon footprint by 7867kg.

As you can see, installing solar panels has not only saved us money, but has reduced the amount of electricity we buy that was generated by environmentally unfriendly processes. We have also proved that Taipei is a viable location for solar panels. There are also government subsidies available to offset the installation costs, information of which can be found here.

For more information on our solar panels and other Green Office initiatives, please contact City Shen at

WP welcomes new associates

Winkler Partners recently welcomed new members to our legal and translation teams.

Brian Wang joins Winkler Partners from a well-known Taiwanese law firm where he focused on disputes involving intellectual property. At Winkler Partners, Brian will continue his work supporting clients in the protection of their intellectual property rights, bringing over 10 years experience to the field. He is a member of the Taipei Bar.

Oliver Wu rejoins our legal translation team. Oliver previously worked at Winkler Partners for nine years supporting clients with their legal translation needs. He returns to working with us after pursuing academic interests. Oliver has extensive experience translating legal and commercial documents, contracts and notarial certificates, among others.

Taiwanese dolphins listed as endangered

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States has issued a ruling on a petition by several US-based environmental groups which lists the Taiwanese humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis taiwanensis) as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”). This ruling will further help efforts to protect this population of dolphins that live in shallow waters off Taiwan’s west coast.

In their ruling, the NOAA outline the steps they took to reach this decision, including a review of the petition and all available information as well as a public consultation period to determine whether the dolphins should be listed as threatened or endangered. The low population (currently under 100), ongoing over-development of coastal areas, fresh water diversion and other factors led them to determine that the dolphins warrant listing as endangered. An endangered species is any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. The NOAA gave the following reasons for the listing:

  1. the best available information indicates that the subspecies has a critically small population of less than 100 individuals, which is likely declining;
  2. the Taiwanese humpback dolphin has a very restricted range, occurring only in the shallow waters off the western coast of Taiwan;
  3. the subspecies possesses life history characteristics that increase its vulnerability to threats, including that it is long-lived and has a late age of maturity, slow population growth, and low rate of reproduction and fecundity;
  4. the subspecies is confined to limited habitat in a heavily impacted area of coastline where ongoing habitat destruction (including coastal development, land reclamation, and fresh water diversion) contributes to a high risk of extinction;
  5. the Taiwanese humpback dolphin is experiencing unsustainable rates of fisheries interactions,including mortality and major injuries due to bycatch and entanglement in fishing gear; and
  6. existing regulatory mechanisms are inadequate for addressing the most important threats of habitat destruction and fisheries interactions.

By being listed as endangered, the dolphins are protected under US law and prohibit actions by federal and state agencies or persons subject to US jurisdiction, including those at high sea, that would cause harm to the animals and their habitat. While no population of Taiwanese dolphins live in areas subject to US jurisdiction, such a decision by the US government holds considerable weight and provides further momentum to conservation efforts on the ground in Taiwan.

Winkler Partners has been a long term supporter of Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, and in particular, their efforts at protecting the dolphins and their habitat. You can read more about our support of Wild and the dolphins on the 1% For The Planet website here.

2017 Environmental Report

Winkler Partners has at its core, a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, as well as a commitment to the constant professional development of our staff. In 2006, we established a Green Office Department, to undertake the greening of the office, implement methods to reduce our use of energy, promote the use of environmentally friendly products and services, design rainwater collection and conservation systems, reduce our carbon emissions and advocate for green office initiatives throughout our community by way of open visits to our office and roof garden. As part of that commitment, we will be publishing annual reports on how we are performing. At a glance, in 2017 we managed to:

  • Cut our total emissions by 57% over 2016′s total. Our total emissions for 2017 were 44 tons CO2e.
  • Install solar panels which produced 5,274 kilowatt hours of electricity in the last four months of 2017. By doing this, we saved a total of NT$24, 546 (approx. US$835) from our energy bills between August and December 2017. We were also able to sell 10% of the energy generated back to the grid for use by other customers.
  • Reduce overall electricity usage by 2%. Since 2004 we have reduced electricity usage by 56%. Anyone can make the same reductions by using air-conditioning sparingly, installing energy efficient lighting and setting computers to sleep.
  • Reduce our water usage by 3%. We increased the amount of rainwater we can collect from our roof and installed water-saving toilets throughout the office.
  • Implement a carbon offset policy for air travel, which accounted for 65% of our total 2017 emissions. We do this by partnering with fellow B Corp ClimateCare.
  • Reduce single-use cup and lunchbox container waste by 19%. Total waste however increased by 2%, mainly due to an increase in staff numbers.

Goals for 2018

For the coming year, we plan to continue our energy saving initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint by 5%. To achieve this we will be increasing monitoring of air-conditioning/heating loss from open windows and doors as well as turning off all computers and extension cables after one hour. Staff training will also be increased. The full report is available in English here and in Chinese here. For inquiries regarding our energy saving initiatives or B Corporation certification, please contact James Hill at

As part of our mission to contribute to the wider community, the general public is welcome to visit our roof garden to learn about urban farming and our green office program. To arrange a visit, please contact City Shen at +886 (0)2 2311-2345 ext. 346 or

WP recognized as Employer of Choice

Winkler Partners has been named by Asian Legal Business Magazine as an Employer of Choice for 2018, the fourth year in a row. Only three law firms in Taiwan were given the award this year.

The survey was conducted in February 2018 by asking employees at law firms across Asia for their opinion on salaries, firm reputation, work life balance, career advancement opportunities among other criteria. Asian Legal Business notes that a Winkler Partners’ colleague stated that the firm ‘is the ‘healthiest’ place I have ever worked. The firm cares deeply about its people, community and clients’.

We were previously recognized as one of three Taiwan-based law firms in 2016 and 2017, and as the sole Employer of Choice in 2015. You can view the entire article here.

WP welcomes new associates

We recently welcomed several new members to our legal and consulting teams.

Hsin-hsin Cheng joins Winkler Partners from a well-known Taiwanese law firm where she handled civil and criminal matters. Hsin-hsin will be focusing on data protection, intellectual property enforcement and employment matters. She is a member of the Taipei Bar.

Autumn Chiu will be supporting our intellectual property team with prosecution and protection matters. She previously worked at an intellectual property law firm in Taiwan helping clients obtain trademark registrations in the United States, the European Union, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

Woang-ling Huang joins Winkler Partners with a focus on trademark prosecution and intellectual property-related disputes. She previously worked in-house at a Taiwanese conglomerate focusing on trademark strategy and disputes involving copyright and patents in several Asian, North American and European markets.

Peter Lavelle joins our intellectual property team with a focus on trademarks. He previously worked at intellectual property firms in Canada and China. Peter is a barrister and solicitor with the Law Society of Upper Canada. He also interned at Winkler Partners in 2014 as part of our international intern program.

Jeremy Olivier joins Winkler Partners Consulting with a focus on corporate services, including assisting clients with business management matters.

WP recommended by the Legal 500

Six of Winkler Partners’ practice areas have been recommended by The Legal 500 as part of their research into legal service providers in the Asia Pacific region for 2018. For the first time, our employment practice was ranked in the first tier with Partner Christine Chen also listed as a Leading Individual. The Legal 500 notes that we helped clients navigate recent changes to the Labor Standards Act and that employment disputes are a particular strength.

Our insurance practice, led by partner Chen Hui-ling was ranked in the top tier for the sixth consecutive year, and was noted for our strength in D&O insurance. The Legal 500 says that Hui-ling “has extensive insurance litigation and arbitral expertise”. Michael Fahey is also mentioned for his support of cross-border matters.

In intellectual property, practice head partner Peter Dernbach was listed as a Leading Individual. The Legal 500 mentions that we have “notable expertise acting for international brands in enforcement and prosecution matters” and singles out our work on behalf of the Scotch Whisky Association. Partners Gary Kuo and Christine Chen are recommended for IP litigation.

The Legal 500 notes that our TMT practice has a niche in over-the-top (OTT) content and Internet of Things, citing our work with several multinational clients in connection with their services in Taiwan.

Finally our dispute resolution and corporate/M&A work were also recommended. The Legal 500 notes that we represent international clients across an array of commercial litigation matters, including the enforcement of foreign judgments and that our corporate practice, led by Gregory Buxton, “has extensive experience handling trans-Pacific and cross-Strait, inbound and outbound transactions”.

The Legal 500 has been ranking law firms worldwide for over 25 years, with a special attention to practice area teams who are providing the most cutting edge and innovative advice to corporate counsel. You can read the latest Legal 500 Asia Pacific rankings here.