Winkler Partners welcomes summer interns

Winkler Partners welcomes our two summer interns Gina Hou and Hannah Cheng. Gina will be a fourth year student at National Taiwan University’s College of Law this fall. She is a member of the Asian Law Students’ Association and in late August will attend the 2nd European Law Students’ Association Summer Law School on Dispute [...]

Winkler Partners-Ahui Community Supported Agriculture program

Winkler Partners’ and Ahui’s transitional organic farm were written up this week in a Liberty Times article about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Taiwan. The article highlighted Winkler Partner’s partnership with Ahui’s farm in Tucheng, which since 2009 has provided our firm’s employees with weekly deliveries of fresh produce. Through the CSA model, Winkler Partners [...]

2012-13 Academic Year Intern

Winkler Partners is looking for an intern for the academic 2012-2013 year from September 2012 to June 2013. The basic qualifications include good analytic, research, and English writing skills. We will try to pair you with an intern from a Taiwanese law school. You do  not need to know any Chinese although you will be [...]

Summer 2012 Intern (Position Filled 12 April)

This position has been filled. Thank you to all the candidates. We will have a similar position opening in the fall for the academic year. This is intended for someone in Taiwan studying Chinese and thinking about law school. We’ll post a formal announcement in July. Winkler Partners is looking for an intern for the [...]

WP Recycles 4,000 Liters of Rainwater in November

Frequent rains in November meant that the Winkler Partners Green Office team was able to quantify our use of recycled rain water as an alternative water source for our bathrooms.  On November 1st we began directing water from the collection tanks on our roof to bathrooms on the 12th floor.  The reading on the attached [...]

WP Energy and Resource Use in August and September

In July and August, we used 1,749 fewer kWs of electricity than we did in the June-July period and 10.24% less than we did in the same period last year. This reduction was due to relatively cool summer weather and less use of air conditioning. We need to do a better job of making sure [...]


The Winkler Partners community commitments include: 1% for the Planet Since 2003 Winkler Partners has supported organizations working for the betterment of the environment. This qualified us to join  1% for the Planet, which we did  in 2008.  To indicate our membership, we have placed the membership logo in our footer: The FTP logo in [...]