The Winkler Partners community commitments include:

1% for the Planet

Since 2003 Winkler Partners has supported organizations working for the betterment of the environment. This qualified us to join  1% for the Planet, which we did  in 2008.  To indicate our membership, we have placed the membership logo in our footer:

1 percent logo

The FTP logo in our footer reflects our commitment to keep the earth in business by supporting (financially and in kind) organizations that are working to create a healthy planet.

B Corporation

Winkler Partners is a certified B Corporation, which means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.

B Corporation logo

Wild At Heart

Wild at Heart: Protecting Taiwan's Environment

Winkler Partners supports the work of the Wild At Heart legal defense fund.  Wild at Heart has two full-time lawyers and several support research staff. Lawyers from Winkler Partners also contribute pro bono legal services.

  • Smangus –Wild at Heart assisted in defending  villagers from  Smangus, one of Taiwan’s most remote Atayal communities, against criminal charges of misappropriating state timber after a typhoon. The villagers were acquitted on appeal.
  • Kuokuang Petrochemical Project –Wild at Heart provided legal services to an alliance of public interest groups whose opposition to the Kuokuang Petrochemicals plant on the coast of central Taiwan led to cancellation of the project in a historic victory for Taiwanese environmentalism.
  • Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin–Wild at Heart has worked for nearly a decade to save an endangered population of pink dolphins off of Taiwan’s west coast.
  • Taiwan Central Science Park–Wild at Heart filed litigation on  behalf of local landowners to revoke  the Central Science Park environmental impact assessment permit. The Supreme Administrative Court upheld revocation of the permit, in a landmark decision marking the first time that an environmental impact assessment had been successfully challenged in the courts.
  • Songshan Tobacco Factory–Wild at Heart represents residents who have filed litigation against development of a former tobacco plant in East Taipei.

Community-Supported Agriculture: Tucheng

WP colleagues purchase a variety of vegetables from a family-owned and operated transitional organic farm located on a former military facility.  To learn more or to support A-hui’s farm please read this brochure.

A-hui Organic Farm, Tucheng, New Taipei City

Vegetables and eggs from A-hui Organic Farm


While “carbon” is the common subject of sequestration these days, our program aims to look for opportunities presented by the gifts of the Earth by:

  • collecting rainwater to reduce the water used by our toilet
  • transforming our rooftop into a tropical refuge for plants, insects and birds,
  • recycling with our rooftop composting toilet, and
  • greening our office.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

  • Air conditioners are used sparingly and are set to 26 degree Celsius
  • An extensive recycling program quantifies our use of paper, plastics, and non-biodegradable waste
  • Our energy awareness program tracks our use of energy and has reduced consumption by installing low-energy lighting appliances and maximizing our use of natural light
  • Our bike program encourages colleagues to ride to work and in our neighborhood.

Bike Parking


Winkler Partners provides on-site daycare for pre-school children and has an after-school program for older kids.

Associate Betty Chen in the WP Day Care Center

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