Executive Yuan Submits Priority Bills to Legislature

by WP

Amendments to the Trade Secrets Act are among the 40 priority bills the Executive Yuan has submitted or plans to submit for consideration during this session of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan. The proposed amendments to the Trade Secrets Act will be submitted in October and include expansion and revision of the regulations regarding responsibility for trade secret violations, prosecution and increasing penalties in extraterritorial cases, the merging of penalties imposed on legal entities and natural persons, and expediting litigation via revisions to requirements for the defendant’s response.

Other draft bills of interest on the list include revisions to regulations governing the administration of free trade ports and granting favorable tax status to businesses in China and its territories (to be submitted in October); new regulations governing development of the cable and satellite television market (submitted in March); expanding protections of patient privacy (submitted in September); stricter regulations for advertisements of food, health food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and heavier penalties for violations (submitted in February); and requiring employees to grant workers paid leave to look after children in the case of school closures due to natural disasters (submitted in February).

This year’s second legislative session began on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, and will run through the end of December.