Taiwan bar exam results and number of practicing lawyers (2013)

by WP

Taiwan bar exam takers have a pass rate about 10% in 2013 with 892 candidates passing the two-stage examination. In 2011, 964 passed followed by another 915 in 2012. The total number of licensed lawyers is now 13,375.

Despite the increasing number of lawyers, the Ministry of Justice’s statistics for practicing lawyers for the same period show a more modest  increase. According to the Ministry, 6,895 lawyers were practicing in 2011. In 2013, 7,656 lawyers were practicing in the world’s 19th largest economy with a population of 23 million people.

According to Ministry of Examination figures, the pass rate for the 2011 exam was 10.38%. After passing the bar, candidates must undergo one month training by the Taiwan Bar Association and complete a five-month internship.

Taiwan’s bar exam passage rates can be divided into three periods:

  • 1950-1988: 782 candidates passed with average annual pass rate of 6.76%
  • 1989-2010: 8,404 candidates passed with an average annual pass rate of 8.81%
  • 2011-2013: 2,770 candidates passed with average annual pass rate of 10.55%.

Taiwan’s universities currently have a total of 39 departments of law producing about 3,000 graduates each year.