Peter Dernbach quoted in Asia IP on online piracy

by WP

Peter Dernbach’s comments on the problem of online piracy and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office’s proposals to fight it appear in the January issue of Asia IP.

Another huge challenge is online piracy, which has been increasing in recent years and for which effective remedies are insufficient in practice, says Peter Dernbach, a partner at WinklerPartners in Taipei.

To soothe that problem, TIPO floated a proposal in May 2013 to amend the copyright act to allow blocking local access to foreign websites known to be engaging in serious copyright infringement. “TIPO proposed to create an interagency commission, made of ‘competent authorities’ including perhaps Taiwan’s internet service provider moderator, the National Communications Commission, as well as right holders and other expert groups with the authority to issue administrative orders to ISPs to block access to certain sites,” says Dernbach.