Taiwan’s IPR Police: Organizational changes and statistics

by WP

WP’s Peter Dernbach and Liu Chia-yu attended a presentation to the American Chamber of Commerce’s Intellectual Property and Licensing Committee by Captain Li Qing-quan of the Intellectual Property Rights Police today. The presentation was entitled  ”IP Protection and Enforcement.”  Captain Li also explained the organizational changes that have resulted in the IPR Police becoming part of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. Previously, the IPR Police were a special police force at the highest level of the National Police Administration.

Rights holders have been concerned about the reorganization’s effects on the IPR Police’s enforcement efforts. Captain Li explained that the  scope of the IPR Police’s authority has not changed because of the reorganization. However, the IPR Police’s seven local offices have been combined into three metropolitan headquarters covering Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.  The IPR Police expect that as a result of this internal reorganization they should be better able to fight online IPR violations as well as organized crime involved in trafficking counterfeits.

Between 2003 and 2013, the IPR Police made seizures in 22,528 cases of criminal IP infringement involving 22,760 suspects. During this period, 6.24 million pirated CDs valued at NT$8.3 billion (US$ 277 million) have been confiscated. In 2013, the IPR police investigated 2,048 cases of trademark infringement and 706 cases of copyright infringement.

Peter is co-chair of the Chamber’s Intellectual Property and Licensing Committee.  Chia-yu is admitted in Taiwan. Her practice focuses on intellectual property.