Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act amended

by WP

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passed a bill amending the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) on 15 December 2015. The bill was the first amendment to the PIPA since it took effect in 2012.

In 2012, the Executive Yuan declined to put Articles 6 and 54 of the PIPA into force on grounds of administrative impracticability. In response, the Legislature has now amended Articles 6 and 54. In addition, the Legislature added medical records to Article 6′s list of sensitive information that in general cannot be collected, processed, or used unless one of six enumerated exceptions applies. Consent of the data subject is now a permitted exception.

According to media reports, the Ministry of Justice has suggested that it will put the amendments to PIPA including Articles 6 and 54 into force in March of this year.

2 March update: The amendments will go into effect on 15 March 2016. Read our full feature on the PIPA changes here.