Winkler Partners seeks Legal Translator

by WP

Winkler Partners Attorneys at Law of Taiwan and Foreign Legal Affairs is seeking a full-time translator to handle English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation and related tasks including the following:

  1. Translate documents relating to our firm’s legal work, for example: translate laws, regulations, contracts, financial reports, court documents, letters from administrative agencies, and documents from other wide-ranging field including business, finance, and the environment. Edit the work of fellow translators.
  2. Translate or edit other kinds of documents as the need may arise. Assist with translation on pro-bono cases relating to social and environmental issues aligned with Winkler Partners’ core values.
  3. Coordinate with colleagues and clients on related matters such as preparing price quotations for translation cases.
  4. Help to compile translation reference materials such as glossaries and databases.
  5. Assist the legal staff on matters other than translation as the opportunity or need arises.


  1. At least two to three years of relevant work experience or professional training (or both) in E-C/C-E translation. Experience in the law, whether academic or professional, is a strong plus.
  2. Excellent English and Chinese reading comprehension: ability to read and understand complex legal documents in English and in Chinese and translate them accurately and clearly. The candidate must be able to write Chinese at a native, professional level, and to write English at professional level.
  3. Interest in the law and legal matters.
  4. Experience with translation memory tools is a plus.

Please send a resume and anything else that you think will be helpful to evaluate compatibility to: