Chen Hui-ling

Hui-ling leads the Winkler Partners insurance practice and supervises all Taiwan litigation.

After being admitted to the Taiwan Bar, she practiced investment and intellectual property law specializing in services and technology transfers.

During the 1990s, her practice focused on litigation and Taiwan’s venture capital industry.

At Winkler Partners, Hui-ling has built the firm’s insurance practice by specializing in advising and representing international insurers and reinsurers who are integrating Taiwan into their Greater China operations.

Her recent cases have included arbitration arising from a tunnel collapse during the construction of one of Taiwan’s biggest infrastructure and litigation between the insurers and reinsurers of a major loss at a semiconductor facility. She is also an arbitrator at the Chinese Arbitration Association in Taipei.

Acting as monitoring counsel for litigation in Germany, Hui-ling advised a Taiwanese insurer that suffered losses in connection with the multi-jurisdictional bankruptcy of a Taiwanese client in Europe. She is coverage counsel for a Taiwanese insurer whose listed client is the defendant in a class action securities suit brought by the semi-official Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center.

In Taiwan, Hui-ling has certified insurance policies for compliance with Taiwanese law and has advised on the localization of Banker’s Bond and other policies for financial institutions.

Hui-ling is also the general outside counsel for a listed Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer. In this capacity, she has helped the client retain and instruct overseas counsel in the US, Turkey, and Indonesia as well as advised it on contracts and other matters in Taiwan. In addition, she frequently advises the client on employment matters such as confidentiality, non-competition covenants, and labor disputes.

Hui-ling is a graduate of National Taiwan University School of Law.

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