Gary Kuo

After many years acting as a trademark portfolio manager for some of the world’s most well known brands, Gary now focuses his efforts on IP litigation. He has argued numerous cases before every level of Taiwan’s courts and has even obtained several landmark decisions before Taiwan’s Intellectual Property and Supreme Courts

Gary’s clients include one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, a European sporting goods brand locked in a decades-long battle with a Taiwanese rival, and a leading manufacturer of advanced video cards. In recent years, Gary has also actively lobbied the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office to help obtain important revisions to local IP laws to the benefit of IP owners.

Gary is a passionate, thorough and creative litigator and has successfully argued many non-traditional arguments in his cases. Also, having appeared before most of the judges on Taiwan’s intellectual property court, Gary is deeply familiar with the nuances of judicial thinking of many of the judges on a wide variety of intellectual property issues.

Gary has also advised in the areas of artists/sports sponsorship, brokerage contracts and anti-trust cases involving the operations of Taiwanese firms in the U.S.

Gary is admitted to practice in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin Chinese and English.

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