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PRC investment in Taiwan – things you need to know

Due to the complicated political relationship between the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) and the Republic of China (“Taiwan”), Taiwan authorities subject investments from the PRC to requirements and restrictions different than those applicable to investments emanating from other jurisdictions. These requirements and restrictions have broad reach and the penalties for violations can be [...]

Enforcement of Chinese judgments and arbitral awards in Taiwan: the res judicata problem

Taiwan’s Supreme Court recently affirmed in Shending Law Firm v. Tien Chin Yu Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. Chinese judgments and arbitral awards do not have res judicata effect even if they are recognized by the Taiwanese courts. 104 Taishang Zi No. 33. In contrast, foreign judgments and arbitral awards (including those from Hong Kong and [...]

Chinese suppliers to be treated as foreigners for Taiwan public procurement projects

As Taiwan’s opening to China continues, the Executive Yuan’s Public Construction Commission has issued a draft amendment to its regulations governing foreign suppliers that will make the rules applying to foreign suppliers apply equally to Chinese suppliers from the PRC.  The Commission’s explanation of the draft amendment (§ 7-1) is that since the Act Governing Relations [...]

Cross-Strait MOU on Insurance

Economic cooperation between Taiwan and China, long a subject of intense interest, resulted in the signing of three memorandums of understanding (MOUs) at the end of 2009. The three MOUs, the Memorandum of Understanding on Cross-Strait Supervisory Cooperation in the Insurance Industry, the Memorandum of Understanding on Cross-Strait Supervisory Cooperation in the Banking Industry, and [...]