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Exploring statistics at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court: part II litigation

After taking a look at the caseload of Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Court (“IP Court”) in part one, we now focus on the number of litigation cases and trends over time. Number of litigation cases closed “Closed case” means a case decided at the IP Court, regardless of whether the decided case was subsequently appealed or not. [...]

Exploring statistics at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court: part I overview

Since its inception in 2008, the Intellectual Property Court (“IP Court”) has heard thousands of civil, criminal and administrative actions concerning Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”). In part one of this report, we examine statistical data from multiple sources*, shedding light on the operations of the IP Court over the past twelve years. The IP Court [...]

Providers of set-top boxes and apps that infringe on others’ copyright will now face criminal penalties

On 16 April 2019, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passed amendments to Articles 87 and 93 of the Copyright Act, which provide that companies that offer set-top boxes or apps that allow consumers to link to websites or download content that infringes on the copyright of others can now face up to two years in prison or [...]

Peter Dernbach on copyright protection for adult films in Taiwan

Asia IP recently analyzed a landmark Taiwan Intellectual Property Court case in which the IP Court extended copyright protection in Taiwan to adult films.  In the article, WP partner Peter Dernbach comments on the IP Court’s public statements about the case and the prospects for civil damages for copyright infringement involving adult films in the [...]

Peter Dernbach quoted in Asia IP on online piracy

Peter Dernbach’s comments on the problem of online piracy and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office’s proposals to fight it appear in the January issue of Asia IP. Another huge challenge is online piracy, which has been increasing in recent years and for which effective remedies are insufficient in practice, says Peter Dernbach, a partner at [...]

Peter Dernbach comments on proposed blocking of overseas file sharing sites

Partner Peter Dernbach was recently interviewed by the World Intellectual Property Review on the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office’s plans to introduce legislation to block overseas file sharing sites. He explains the proposal is intended to protect Taiwan’s creative industries and that it has been mischaracterized as a firewall.

Copyright for Photographs in Taiwan: Originality, Reasonable Use, and U.S. Case Law

Taiwan’s Supreme Court recently upheld a decision by the Intellectual Property Court holding that the United Daily News’s reprinting of photograph by rival Apple Daily fell within the scope of reasonable use. The litigation also revealed a split between Taiwan’s lower courts and its appellate courts on the standard for originality in protected photographic works [...]