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Food Safety: A Legal Perspective

WP partners Peter Dernbach, Gary Kuo and paralegal Michael Fahey recently contributed an article to the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (AmCham)’s monthly TOPICS magazine. The article takes a look at the recent set of food scandals that have shaken the public’s faith in Taiwan’s food industry, examining it from a legal perspective. The [...]

Translation of Taiwan Regulations Governing Non-Disclosure of Investigations

The criminal investigation phase (zhencha) is a critical part of Taiwanese criminal procedure. During this phase, the prosecutor investigates the facts of the case and holds closed hearings to determine whether a defendant should be indicted. Taiwan’s Code of Criminal Procedure prohibits prosecutors, police, defense counsel, and others connected with a case from releasing any [...]

Translation of Taiwan’s wiretapping law

Taiwan enacted the Communications Protection and Surveillance Act in 1999 “to protect the people’s freedom of confidential communications from unlawful infringement, as well as to ensure national security and maintain social order.” The Act was amended in 2006 and 2007 but has not been previously translated into English. Download Communications Protection and Surveillance Act (translation) [...]