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Regulations governing ratings for cybersecurity responsibility levels

Article 7(1) of the Cybersecurity Management Act authorizes the Executive Yuan to define standards for rating cyber security responsibility levels. These standards are set out in the Regulations Governing Ratings for Cybersecurity Responsibility Levels (the “Rating Regulations”). The Rating Regulations took force on January 1 2019. While the Rating Regulations consist of just 12 articles, [...]

A quick look at Taiwan’s Cyber Security Management Act Enforcement Rules

The Cyber Security Management Act Enforcement Rules (the “Enforcement Rules”) define reporting requirements, duties regarding subcontracting, the content of information security policies, major security incidents, and responses to security incidents. The Enforcement Rules were issued by Taiwan’s Executive Yuan under authority delegated to the executive branch by the Legislature in the Cyber Security Management Act. [...]

Taiwan enacts Cyber Security Management Act

Taiwan’s legislature enacted the Cyber Security Management Act (the “Act”) in early May 2018. The Act was published by the Presidential Office in June and will take force on a date to be announced by the Executive Yuan. This introduction to the Act begins with a discussion of the background, policies and definitions in the [...]