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3rd quarter trends in IP registrations released

Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office has released IP registration figures and trends for the third quarter of 2014. Total patent applications have dropped 4.28%, but at a slower rate than the previous quarter. Even though pending invention applications from both international and domestic panel, semiconductor and computer manufacturers is still relatively high, the TIPO reports that [...]

Peter Dernbach on Taiwan’s new exclusionary measures against patent infringing goods

The World Intellectual Property Review recently interviewed WP’s Peter Dernbach on Taiwan’s new border interdiction measures for goods infringing on Taiwanese patents. Patent owners will be able apply to detain infringing goods being imported into Taiwan but must provide a security bond and file an action for patent infringement within 12 days. The new measure [...]

Taiwan Patent Act Overhauled: A Look at the Details

Taiwan overhauled its Patent Act in late November 2011 by amending more than 150 articles. Although the amendments probably will not take effect until late 2012, anyone manufacturing or innovating in Taiwan will want to begin learning about the changes in store now.  In  “Taiwan Patent Act Overhauled: A look at the Details“, Winkler Partners [...]