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2016 Taiwan data protection and privacy overviews

Winkler Partners’ Chen Hui-ling and Michael Fahey have contributed overviews of data protection and privacy in Taiwan to Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law. These resources are drafted in a question and answer format that allows practitioners to easily compare Taiwanese data protection and privacy laws to the corresponding laws in other jurisdictions. The data protection overview [...]

Chen Hui-ling contributes article to Privacy Laws & Business

Partner Chen Hui-ling has contributed an article on Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) to Privacy Laws & Business‘ International Report. Privacy Laws & Business provides an independent privacy laws information service to many of the world’s largest companies, specialist lawyers and has over 2000 clients in 53 countries since its founding in 1987. In her [...]

Amendments to Taiwan data protection law take effect

Amendments to Articles 6-8, 11, 15, 16, 19, 20, 41, 45, 53, and 54 of Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA“) took force on 15 March 2016. The most important change is that Taiwan now has enhanced protection for special categories of sensitive data. At the same time, compliance with Taiwan’s data protection rules has [...]

Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act amended

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passed a bill amending the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) on 15 December 2015. The bill was the first amendment to the PIPA since it took effect in 2012. In 2012, the Executive Yuan declined to put Articles 6 and 54 of the PIPA into force on grounds of administrative impracticability. In [...]

Taiwan and the right to be forgotten

A case of first impression involving the right to be forgotten recently came before the Taipei District Court. Despite an inconclusive District Court decision, Taiwan’s history of adopting European data protection standards and shifting public opinion in Taiwan suggest that the right to be forgotten could be created in the future. Shi v. Google International [...]

Chen Hui-ling becomes member of Asian Privacy Scholars Network

Chen Hui-ling recently joined the Asian Privacy Scholars Network. The Asian Privacy Scholars Network aims to further the study of personal data protection, privacy, and surveillance in countries of the Asia-Pacific region, through conferences, publications and networking. It is predominantly comprised of academic scholars, but also includes  government, NGOs and business and practitioners. Hui-ling publishes [...]

Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act: one year on

After nearly two years of delay, Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act took effect in October 2012. Partner Chen Hui-ling contributed this analysis of the PIPA’s implementation in its first year to Privacy Laws & Business International Report (127).  She analyzes civil and criminal cases and comments on enforcement and the prospects for data breach class [...]

Implementation of Taiwan’s new privacy law

Partner Chen Hui-ling contributed this comment to Privacy Laws & Business International Report on the implementation of Taiwan’s new Personal Information Privacy Act since October 2012. Her article appeared in the February 2013 issue.

Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act update

Chen Hui-ling recently contributed an update on the implementation of Taiwan’s Personal Information Privacy Act to the Privacy & Business International Report. The update can be downloaded here.

Taiwan Ministry of Justice Considers ‘Right to be Forgotten and of Erasure’

Although Taiwan’s long-awaited Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA) is not yet in force, the Chinese-language United Daily News reports that the Ministry of Justice is already planning to revise it. According to the UDN,  Chen Wei-lian, the director of the Ministry’s Department of Legal Affairs, recently led a delegation to the European Union to learn [...]