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Translation of TIPO Draft Amendments to Trade Secret Act

After the public hearing on proposed amendments to the Trade Secrets Act in late April. the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office revised its draft bill criminalizing trade secret theft.  Here is our translation. 第十三條之一 Article 13-1 意圖為自己或第三人不法之利益,或損害營業秘密所有人之利益,而有下列情形之一,處五年以下有期徒刑或拘役,得併科新臺幣五萬元以上一千萬元以下罰金: A person who, intending to procure an unlawful benefit for himself or for a third person or intending to [...]

TIPO to Hold Public Hearing on Draft Trade Secrets Bill This Friday (27 Apr.)

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) released its draft bill to amend the Trade Secrets Act yesterday and announced a public hearing this Friday (27 April) at 9:30am. The hearing will be at the TIPO’s Briefing Room: 19F, No. 185 Xinhai Road Section 2, Taipei City. Please contact Peter Dernbach or Gary Kuo for further [...]

Trade Secrets Act Update: Meeting at NSC this Friday (13 April)

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) announced today that it has completed a preliminary draft of its amendments to the Trade Secrets Act and that it has invited industry representatives and officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Fair Trade Commission to meet at the National Science Council to discuss the proposed amendments in [...]

Taiwan to Increase Criminal Penalties for Trade Secret Infringement

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) has announced plans to add criminal penalties to the Trade Secrets Act. Currently, the Act permits victims of trade secret theft to recover damages without imposing criminal sanctions. While Taiwan’s Criminal Code (Art. 317) criminalizes the theft of industrial  commercial secrets during the course of employment, the maximum sentence [...]